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Competitive & Recreational Cheer Teams, Cheer & Tumbling Classes in Walworth County, WI

We offer a variety of cheer and tumbling classes and programs with one purpose— to develop young athletes spiritually, mentally and physically. Our programs have been developed for youth ages 3-18, in southeastern Wisconsin and surrounding areas. We hope to positively impact youth and their families through the sports of cheer & tumbling. We hope you’ll consider joining us for a life changing, character building experience!

Another first place for Bayside Cheer- Recreation Competition Team! February 8th, 2014 at the KMLHS Cheer Competition the Bayside Angels took first place in the Elementary Recreation Category. They earned the third highest score of the 17 teams competing that morning. Way to go Bayside, a wonderful ending to our inaugural season!

Bayside KMLHS Comp from Jessica Viss on Vimeo.

Congratulations to the Bayside Competition Team: 1st Place  in the Elementary Recreation category at the iCHEER Championship on January 25, 2014!

Bayside Angles from Jessica Viss on Vimeo.


Congratulations to the Bayside Competition Team for earning a 2nd Place  in the Elementary Recreation category at the Milwaukee Bucks 29th Annual Cheer Competition on January 12, 2014.

Milwaukee Bucks 29th Annual Cheer Competition, Bayside Cheer 2nd place from Jessica Viss on Vimeo.


What Others are Saying

…Like I said, you are a fabulous coach and able to make huge gains with the girls skills and abilities in such a short amount of time, it’s almost crazy…we just aren’t ready to be done with you and the positive influence you have had.  :(  For now we have to move away, but I will continue to pray for you, the girls and the program!   - Parent of a Mini Cheerleader

I truly appreciate what your doing for my daughter. School is not easy for her, Bayside Cheer give her the opportunity to learn what she loves in a structured environment and she excels at it! It makes her feel great about herself! Thank you so Much. – Parent of a Youth Cheerleader

Excellent coaching & material for kids – appropriate but challenging. Bayside Cheer is an answer to my prayers!, Thank you.  - Parent of a Mini Cheerleader

As her confidence grows (which the Devotionals help with) she works harder; takes more chances tackling physical stuff, leadership, and discipleship. – Parent of a Youth Cheerleader

Bayside Cheer has helped my daughter come out of her shell and build her self-confidence. This was her first Tumbling experience and she excelled accomplishing her splits and cartwheel. It’s a Great Program!  - Parent of a Tiny Cheerleader